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Kids Cancer Support Group Kayak Fishing Classic 2018

Kids Cancer Support Group Kayak Fishing Classic 2018

*************A quick wrap up**************

First of all a big thank you to all our great sponsors. With your great support we managed to have the biggest Western Australia Kayak Event in prize value. With nearly $10,000 in cash and prizes that was ready to be won.
Secondly thank you to the Western Australia kayak community for your support as well.

To give you an idea that in 2017 we raised $7,000 in cash and prizes and had 21 kayakers registered. Raising $1,400 we were able to hand over to the Kids Cancer Support Group.

In 2018 we raised $9,900 in cash and prizes and had 30 kayakers registered and 1 landbased registered and have raised over $2,000. (Still to be counted).

Will there be a 2019 event. Yes there will be and again in September 2019. So keep and eye on the group and updates. Lets get more than 50 registrations for it.

I would also like to thank the Swan Yacht Club for allowing us to use your great facility. But also the Swan Yacht Club Angling crew for their great support and time to help with the weigh in and set up. And if you are wanting to join up in the kayak section then just ask and we can get you on board the Swan Yacht Club Angling group.

Now to the comp.
It was a hard time out there this year. Having reports of even the old kayakers reporting sea sickness. Between the swell and wind waves. But all competed and gave it a good go. Some struggled and some rose to the occasion. And some very surprised results.
Ok to the river section. The results were a struggle for some. With one kayaker doing 20 hours out on the water to get a result. And another slipping home early but still getting a result.

So it ended like this:
Biggest Bream (Catch & Released) – Didier Blanquart – 0.360kg
Runner Up Biggest Bream (C&R) Derek Van Evlen – 0.275kg
Photo Bream – Derek Van Evlen
Champion River Angler – Didier Blanquart

As with the open water section this is where it got tricky. The swell was up, the wind was up, the wind waves were up, and the fish were hard to make bite or even find. The usual haunts were not in action neither. So it was a even keel for all to find them.

The results ended up as follows:
Biggest Snapper – Jayden Spencer – 8.91kg
Runner up Snapper – Luke Tondut– 6.38kg

Biggest Skippy – Ben Dal Molin – 0.840kg
Runner Up – Joel Tonetti – 0.654kg

Biggest Herring – Jayden Spencer – 0.200kg
Runner Up – Philip Gatt – 0.193kg ( And well presented on ice and garnished)

Biggest Squid – Trent Aud – 0.608kg
Runner up – Nick De Grys – 0.556

Open Water Kayak Angler Champion – Jayden Spencer – 20 points – 9.780kg
Runner Up Open Water - Joel Tonetti – 17 points – 6.552kg
(Joel please contact Damian Bowman for your prize)

LANDBASED SECTION (I want to be a kayaker)
We also added a landbased section and this was won by our one and only landbased angler Robert Pearson with a Herring at 0.130kg giving him 5 points.
Robert gets to join the kayak addiction now with his new Kayak Package from Tanmar Camping & Kayaks and kitted with some accessories like a lifevest from Recfishwest, water bottle from Water Logic and other great additions.


Well done to John O’Hara for winning the Earlybird Registration who gets a great prize to go out with Blue Juice Charters for a big day out on a great charter.

Well done to all the winners on your great effort and for those who attended the weigh in. We managed to raise the Kids Cancer Support Group awareness to more than 1000 people who attended the Swan Yacht Club during the day.

Sadly there were some prize sections not won. So to keep the awareness going we will be using these prizes on a month by month basis competitions.

In 2 Kayaks
Supernova Kayak Lights
WA Signs & Graphics
Lobster Shack
Turquoise Safaris Charter
NO Bull Bait & Burly
Zip Baits Australia
Western Angler
Open Water Yakkers Events
Tims Tackle Plus
Funcat sailing
Ranger Outdoors
Berley Pro
Halco Tackle
Hammond Park Chiropractic
Yak Hunters Australia
All 4x4 Fitout
Murchison Boat Hire
Eureka 4WD Training
Fishing WA Rivers with Didz
Insalt Lures
Extreme Tackle
Kalis Fremantle
Blue Juice Charters

If anyone has photos of the presentations could they please post here. sadly I was not able to get any on my phone.

Once again thank you all and see you next year

WA KAYAK Competitions
2017 / 2018

Well folks it is mid year and time to start planning for the next 12 months;

This include the vital planning of fishing. So what is coming up for the 2018 / 2019 season


July 2018 to June 2019 - Swan Yacht Club Angling Monthly Angling Competition. Join up to the Swan Yacht Club social membership and compete for free each month.

2017 / 2018 SYC Kayak Champion - Ray Latham

2017 / 2018 SYC Runner Up Kayak - Nick De Grys

Geraldton & Districts Offshore Fishing Club 

26, 27 January 2019 (TBC) - Geraldton & Districts Offshore Fishing Club will again by the looks be holding the Australia Day Ambush. Normally held on the Australia Day weekend. This competition is for all types of fisho's from boats, landbase and kayak. So long as you are fishing it is allowed.…/ (DATES TO BE CONFIRMED)

2018 Kayak Champion - Michael Fishburn (Geraldton)

2018 Game Fish - Ray Latham (Perth Kayak)

Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club

1, 2, 3 March 2019 - Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club run the Kalbarri Sport Fishing Classic which generally has over $10k in prizes and cash up for grabs. In 2017 the biggest gamefish (Spannish Mack 15.53kg) for thecompetition was caught of the kayak using 4kg line. And so was the biggest line class snapper for the competition. And the first hook up of a sailfish by a kayak just 500m from shore in the competition.So again boats, river and kayak sections. Including Line Class and non Class sections. This is normally run over the first long weekend each March. (DATES TO BE CONFIRMED)

2018 Kayak Champion Bottom - Ray Latham

2018 Kayak Champion Game - Jade Yates

Swan Yacht Club

April 2018 - Swan Yacht Club Intra Club Event is a great event that is run by the SYC. Lots of cash and prizes to be won. 2017 saw a prize pool up around the $13k. (DATES TO BE CONFIRMED)

Kids Cancer Support Group Kayak Fishing Classic 

7/8 September 2019 - A great fundraising event and one of WA biggest kayak competition prize pools. Targeting multiple species both in the river and open waters between Bunbury to Lancelin

2018 Champion River Angler – Didier Blanquart

2018 Open Water Kayak Angler Champion – Jayden Spencer 
2018 Runner Up Open Water - Joel Tonetti

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself direct or the clubs that organised the events.

Come join in the fun, meet some new people, catch some dream fish and all the time enjoying the addiction.

I would also like to thank all the sponsors to the events for the 2017/2018 season and hope to see you all back next year

And thanks to those kayakers who supported the event as well for the great times had.

Lets see a bigger yak present for this years events folks as we have now proved we can challenge the boaties for the prizes.

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